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Purpose of the Cub Scout Shooting Sports Awards
As decades of Cub Scouting have shown, most youth love to shoot!

Beyond capturing that enthusiasm, the BSA created the Cub Scout Shooting Sports Awards program to encourage in Cub Scouts the development of safe shooting practices and proficiency in shooting sports. As Cub Scouts participate in shooting sports activities and work toward an award, they not only build confidence in their abilities, but also develop self-reliance, sportsmanship, and conservation awareness—all elements of good character

Through experiential learning guided by a knowledgeable adult, Cub Scouts will learn the safe and 
responsible use of BB guns, slingshots, and archery equipment. The goal is for the Cub Scout to have fun in a safe environment, not to become an expert marksman, range master, or hunter.

Structure of the Cub Scout Shooting Sports Awards

Cub Scout shooting sports awards may be earned for any of the three following disciplines:

• Archery • BB guns* • Slingshots

A Cub Scout may choose to participate in only one of the disciplines or may choose to participate in all three disciplines.

The requirements for each of the disciplines are structured similarly. *BB guns are available only for Tiger through Arrow of Light ranks. 

Level 1 involves participation in a discipline and acquiring basic knowledge of proper technique, safety, and operations in that discipline.

Level 2 is designed to help a Cub Scout develop and demonstrate further skills, proficiency, and knowledge in a shooting discipline. Level 2 requirements are rank-specific and provide a progression of skills appropriate to each age and rank of Cub Scouting.

Earning the Awards Cub Scouts earn the shooting sports awards in the following order:

1. Rank-level patch. Choose a discipline: BB gun, archery, or slingshot. Complete the level 1 requirements for that discipline. The patch is awarded only once per program (rank) year.

2. Discipline device (pin). Complete the level 2 requirements for the same discipline in which the patch was earned.

3. Additional discipline devices. Earn pins for the remaining disciplines by completing the level 1 and level 2 requirements in those disciplines.

(NOTE: Requirements for both level 1 and level 2 must be completed for each successive discipline.)

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