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For Parents

My Son Just Got Elected to the OA

Congratulations!  Your son has recently been elected to the Order of the Arrow, Scouting's National Honor Society.  This is an achievement that comes with great respect and obligation.

There is one more step that your son must take to become a member of the OA.  That is to attend a weekend long event called an Ordeal.  The Ordeal is an adventure of the spirit, a time of deep searching and high resolve, and a unique opportunity to experience all the richness and warmth of brotherhood.  Your son needs this experience not only for his own benefit, but also because his Obligation will require unusual devotion to the work of bringing the spirit of the Order back to his own troop.

The benefits of such a challenge are numerous.  As far as personal gain, your son will emerge a better, stronger leader.  He will know how to endure the rigors of strong leadership.  He will have a better sense of personal spirit, achievement, and goal.  If your son joins the Order, he will have the chance to become part of the leadership that runs it.  The Order is a youth run organization all the way to the national level.  Your son will have the opportunity to serve in positions on a troop, district, council, area, region and national level.

Besides leadership opportunities, your son will have different high adventure opportunities offered to him.  Such high adventure programs include OA Ocean Adventure at Florida Sea Base, OA Trail Crew at Philmont Scout Ranch, OA Wilderness Voyage at Northern Tier and Summit Corps.  These programs parallel the regular programs offered to troops, but are offered at greatly reduced prices.  For more information on these high adventure opportunities, visit

In addition to all of these great opportunism, the Order of the Arrow holds an event called NOAC (National Order of the Arrow Conference), which is the second largest Boy Scout event next to the National Jamboree.  At NOAC, thousands of Arrowmen from around the country gather at a college campus for one week during the summer.  There, they participate in awesome activities, see stunning shows, make new friends, and enroll in training seminars.  NOAC described by people who have gone, is an unforgettable experience.

Shenshawpotoo Lodge holds 2 Ordeal events each year.  They are in August and March.  You can register your son for an Ordeal by going to the events page.

There is not enough room on this site to explain every opportunity, detail, and benefit offered by the Order.  If you're interested in finding out more, you can go to the national website,  We will be sending you and your son more information concerning more events after his Ordeal.

My Son is in the Lodge

In order to be a member of Shenshawpotoo Lodge, your son must pay their dues each year.  Just like his Scout Troop, the Lodge needs to recharter with the Boy Scouts of America.  For the low price of $10 per year, your son gets a whole BUNCH of HUGE benefits:

  • His first year's dues are included in his Ordeal registration
  • We'll send him a membership card each December
  • Opportunities to attend National Leadership Training
  • Section Conclave (HUGE weekend event with lots of fun activities)
  • Fellowship weekends
  • Patch trading opportunities at each event
  •  and he must be an active member in order to obtain Brotherhood or Vigil status in the Lodge.

Pay your son's Lodge Dues TODAY by visiting HERE.

Becoming a Brotherhood Member

Ever since the inception of the Order of the Arrow in 1915, it was intended that all members should be equal in rank.  Brotherhood membership does not provide a specific degree of rank, status, or social honor.  Instead, the Brotherhood is an opportunity for members to reaffirm their belief in the high purposes of the Order.  The ceremony is intended to be a source of inspiration that motivates brothers to give an even greater service to Scouting.

An Ordeal member may become a Brotherhood member after 10 months of active service to the lodge.  Shenshawpotoo Lodge holds Brotherhood conversation ceremonies twice a year.  If your son completed his Ordeal in August, he may attend the Brotherhood Weekend held in June.  If he completed his Ordeal in March, he may seal his Brotherhood in October.

All Brotherhood Candidates must bring a Letter to the Chief.  That, they will find in their OA Handbook.


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