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Recently Elected

I just got elected by my troop!

Congratulations!  The members of your troop have elected you to the Order of the Arrow!  It is hoped that you will undertake your Ordeal.

Please remember that you have one year form the date of your election to complete your Ordeal!  You must pre-register for your Ordeal, so plan accordingly!

The Lodge Ordeal weekend are held in August and March and are listed on the registration page.  Fees will vary depending on the vent.  The fee includes your first year dues, meals, sash, collectible member only lodge flap, OA Handbook.

Check-in is from 5-7pm on Friday.  There is no meal served on Friday night, so you should eat before you arrive.  Checkout is Sunday at approximately 10:30am, following a brief introductory Lodge meeting.  You need to be there for the whole weekend.  if you have religious obligations on the weekend, you should check with the registrar upon check-in on Friday.  Under special circumstances, members may be permitted to leave as early at 10pm Saturday following the Ordeal induction ceremony, provided that the Lodge Advisor is notified by a parent in advance.

Each candidate will need to bring the following:

  • tent (Scouts may share a tent)ground cloth (we suggest 2 - one for under your tent, one for your sleeping bag on Friday evening)
  • ground cloth (we suggest 2 - one for under your tent, one for your sleeping bag on Friday evening)
  • sleeping bag
  • backpack or gear bag (trash bags will not do the job)
  • flashlight
  • work gloves
  • water bottle or hydration system
  • personal hygiene gear
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellant
  • work clothes
  • your full field uniform on a hanger
  • money for patch trading (if you wish)
  • a poncho or rain gear (in case it rains)
  • plenty of Scout Spirit!

Once you have completed your Ordeal and are on to becoming a Brotherhood member, check this out!


107 Youth Development Court
Winchester, VA 22602

phone: 540-662-2551
fax: 540-662-2725

Hours of Operation:
Monday & Tuesday:  By appointment ONLY

Wednesday:             12pm - 7pm

Thursday & Friday     10am - 5pm

2nd Saturday:  9am - 2pm

Closed (Sun.)

*For our holiday closings, please see our Scout Shop page**