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Whether your Troop is coming to Camp Rock Enon this Summer or not...

Scouts can add a week of fun and adventure to their plans for the Summer

as a Provisional Scout.

Your Troop is coming to CRE for a week of Summer Camp and you want to stay for a second week, not a problem.

Your Troop is going to another Scout Camp this Summer and you want to spend some more time at Summer Camp, not a problem.

Your Troop is not going to Summer Camp this year but you want to, not a problem.

You want to check out one of our Specialty Programs offered at Camp Rock Enon, not a problem.

You want to earn a few more merit badges or complete some partials this Summer, not a problem.


At Camp Rock Enon, we offer a Provisional Scout program in which Scouts (age 11-17 years old) can attend Summer Camp without their Troop.

You come to Camp Rock Enon... We provide the leadership... You have more fun this Summer!


You will be assigned to a group of fellow Scouts, spend the week camping in one of our standard campsites, sleeping in our 2-person tents on a cot. All of your meals will be provided in our Dining Hall. You bring your own sleeping bag and personal gear etc. We provide the required 21-year old two-deep leadership for the week while you are in camp.

We have a variety of options to choose from:

Summer Camp Provisional Weeks Available in 2021:                                                     To REGISTER as a Provisional Scout click on the week you wish to attend below

Regular Summer Camp Merit Badge Program

Attend CRE Summer Camp, sign up for several merit badges from the 30+ options. Spend some time at the Shooting Sports Ranges or Natural Rock Climbing & Rappelling area during Open periods, plus enjoy the many other extracurricular and evening activities we offer at Camp Rock Enon. This is also a great opportunity to complete any partials you may have from a previous Summer Camp.

Frontier 1st Year Camper Program

Are you a first year Scout needing to work on learning basic outdoor Scout skills?

Our Frontier 1st Year Camper Program helps Scouts work on and complete rank requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class. Scouts will sign up for either the morning or afternoon session of the program (3 hours) and then spend the remainder of the day taking some merit badges and enjoying some of the many Open programs like shooting sports, climbing and rappelling plus other extracurricular and evening activities we offer at Camp Rock Enon.








Mountain Man - Virginia Backwoods Rendezvous

Set in a remote portion of Camp Rock Enon away from main camp, Scouts will relive the 18th century mountain man experience including building fires using flint and steel, cooking meals over an open fire, making a sheath knife, leather belt and knife sheath, blacksmithing shooting a black powder muzzle loading rifle and tomahawk throwing. Scouts will spend the week camping in the Mountain Man campsite sleeping in a tent on a rope-style bed.

This program is recommended for Scouts who are First Class or above and 13+ years old.

8 Face Climbing Challenge

Climb and Rappel on real rocks, no wood towers or fake rock walls here.

Have you completed climbing merit badge and yearn to climb more of the spectacular rock faces at Camp Rock Enon? Want to say you were among the few Scouts to master some of CRE's more difficult natural rock faces? Check out our 8 Face Climbing Challenge.

This program provides a week of climbing and rappelling in which Scouts will test their skills and courange on Camp Rock Enon's hidden rock faces at camp. This is a physically difficult but rewarding program. Scouts will also have the opportunity to participate in the many other Open programs such as Shooting Sports plus our extracurricular and evening activities offered at CRE. In some cases Scouts might even be able to fit in a merit badge or two.

This program is for Scouts age 14+ that have already earned the climbing merit badge.

BSA Lifeguard Certification

Scouts in this program will develop the skills and experience for multiple swimming and rescue techniques to be certified as a BSA Lifeguard. Must already have earned the Swimming merit badge. Note: First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer or equivalent are pre-requisites for this course and must be taken within 120 days of taking this program.

This program is for Scouts age 15+.



For a more  in-depth guide about the many Specialty Programs, merit badge options and extracurricular evening activities offered at Camp Rock Enon click HERE

For more information about our Provisional Scout program contact our Camp Director at 








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