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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the executive officer (Institutional Head) of a unit need to take Youth Protection training?

A: If the executive officer is not a registered leader, he or she is not required to complete Youth Protection training, although it is strongly recommended. If the executive officer is registered as an adult leader, then he or she must complete Youth Protection training.


Q: I am a Tiger Cub adult partner. Do I need to take Youth Protection training?

A: The Tiger Cub adult partner designations is not a registered adult leader position; therefore, mandatory Youth Protection training is not required. It is strongly recommended, however, that all adults involved in Scouting take Youth Protection training. All registered adults are required to take Youth Protection training.


Q: Are parents who attend weekly meetings, weekend campouts, or summer resident camp required to take Youth Protection training?

A: Only if they are registered leaders. However, it is highly recommended that any adult participating with your unit activities take Youth Protection training. Having them register as adult leaders is also highly recommended.


Q: Can a council or district organize Youth Protection group training for its adults?

A: Yes. It is encouraged that adults take the training via the online module, but the instructor-led model is still acceptable as long as the most current version of the Youth Protection DVD (Item No. 610327 or 36121) is used and the end-of-course quiz is proctored by the trainer at the end of the training session. Reminder: It is critical that training completion certificates be issued after successful completion and that a formal training record roster is submitted to the council registrar so proper credit can be recorded in the profiles of each participant.


Q: Why do we have this youth protection policy?

A: Youth safety is the No. 1 concern of the BSA. It is important to implement this training at all levels of the organization. The BSA is always reevaluating and reassessing its policies to ensure the safest youth program and the best training is being offered. The BSA's Youth Protection training has been in existence long enough for it to be understood and accepted as a mandated training for all registered BSA adult leaders.


Q: Do leaders need to wait until they have final clearance on the background check to meet with youth?

A: No. As long as their application is fully completed, approved, and submitted to the Council Service Center, their fee is paid, and Youth Protection training is certified, they will be able to interact with youth while the Criminal Background Check (CBC) is still pending.


Q: If a unit's leaders' Youth Protection training is not current, should we not register any new youth to their units until they do so, or will those who are not current be dealt with through the recharter process?

A: This policy does not affect youth registrations. However, if a unit's leadership has not complied with the new Youth Protection standard by the next rechartering period, the unit will NOT be able to complete its registration.


Q: Do merit badge counselors need to take Youth Protection training?

A: Yes. A merit badge counselor is a registered volunteer position.


Q: If a person is not a registered leader, how can he or she log in and take the Youth Protection training?

A: A person does not have to be a registered volunteer to take Youth Protection training. To take the training, log in to and create an account. From the portal, click on E-training and take Youth Protection. Upon completion, print a certificate and submit with a new application or submit to the unit leader for processing at the local council.


Q: Can units that have some adults that have not completed Youth Protection training be rechartered?

A: In order for a unit to be rechartered, it must have all the required positions filled with Youth Protection trained adults. Adults who have not completed Youth Protection training will not be reregistered.


Q: Is there a grace period to get all adults trained?

A: No. If a leader's Youth Protection training is not current, the volunteer must take or renew their training immediately. Every effort should be taken so that all adults involved in Scouting have a current certificate of completion of the Youth Protection training.


Q: Does all volunteers mean all volunteers-even board members and council presidents?

A: Yes. The goal is to have all registered volunteers Youth Protection-trained. This is an important statement for us an organization and shows our commitment to the well-being of our youth members.

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